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Within you is an ocean of creativity so why aren't you riding your wave?

Why are you so fearful, child?

Why do you struggle to acknowledge your achievement? Why are you so willing to listen to the lies in your head that tell you that what you've done is not enough?

Child, within you is an ocean of creativity. You know it. You can feel the waves surge in your heart. Occasionally, you bravely ride a wave, enjoying the exhilaration of creating something that is unfettered by the opinions of others. You trust yourself and release the passion in your heart.

But so often you just stand on the beach and watch as others ride the waves. You applaud their efforts (you're wonderful like that) but your waves go unridden.

Why? Are you afraid you will fall?

You will. That's ok. Everyone does. But then you get back up and catch the next wave, learning something that makes your next ride even better.

Falling does not make you a failure.

Falling is just an action, a consequence of trying, creating, dreaming. Don't give up those things without a fight. Get back up and ride the next wave. And the next. And the next, until you fall less often. Until you find it easier to get back up. Until you are not so frightened of the whole falling thing. Keep going.

Are you afraid other riders will see you fall?

And what? What do expect will happen when others see your creation?

Why do you care so much?

Did you create only for others or for yourself? Are you really, only creating to show others that you can? Is that what ignites your heart? Really?

Remember the last time you created, the last time you caught a wave. Do you feel it? The exhilaration. That inexplicable joy that took on a physical life of its own and threatened to overwhelm you. It was tangible, wasn't it. You could barely contain yourself. It didn't matter if the audience applauded. Right then you were keenly aware that you had created something for yourself and you were proud.

You, and you alone, know the challenges you overcame, the sacrifices you made, the courage you found to ride that wave. Only you.

You know what I've learned? Others who ride their waves and create with you know and appreciate your effort. They get it. They have done it and cheered you on as you caught your own wave. But there are those in this world that will only ever stand on the beach, unwilling to take the risks you did. They’ve become entangled in the net of other people’s opinions, and they’re drowning. They flail around, passing opinions, trying to stay afloat but, they’re slowly drowning.

These are not the people you should be listening to, child.

Listen to the other riders. The creators who know to keep their eyes on the wave not the beach.

You cannot control the world around you, child. But you must learn to function in it. Decide how you want to be, how you want to ride the wave, create. Find your tribe and ride with them, encouraging and being encouraged. Ignore the voices of the beach dwellers.

Ride. Create. Constantly.

Get up when you fall.

Get up.

Get up.

That ocean of creativity inside you isn’t going anywhere. It’s yours.

Get in and ride your wave.

If you missed the last one, another is coming.





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