• Sherryl-Lee Secomb

When Wonder Woman forgets how to use words.

As we snuggle up this evening, sipping on our tea and scrolling through our instagram feeds, it can be difficult for us to believe that comfort is the enemy of anything or anyone.

But have a think about how comfort has convinced us to avoid doing new things.

I'm not talking about switching from our latte to a flat white (boy, there's a first world challenge, right there). I'm talking about a more personal challenge to our comfort - people.

I don't know about you but I can do anything when I'm in a rehearsal space, directing a cast and collaborating with creatives. I feel like Wonder Woman. But put me in a social situation with those very same people and I suddenly forget how to use words. Rather ironic for someone who is a storyteller both on the page and on the stage.

Over the years, I've developed beautiful friendships with theatre people who accepted me and stretched me WAAAAY beyond my comfort zone. They are my tribe.

I want to encourage you to develop your theatre tribe.

Receive from the tribe - Be strong and courageous. Introduce yourself. Don't isolate yourself because you're afraid. Get up and just be friendly.

Look out for your tribe - Make the effort to notice those that find interaction a little more difficult than you do. Include them. Let them know that they're seen.

Becoming part of a community theatre family can be exhilarating but sometimes it can take some effort. Make the effort to get involved and to include. You'll be so glad you did. Take it from a socially awkward theatre tribe member.

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