I know, I know. You’ve almost given up on building an online presence for your theatre organisation. It takes too much time and you're not really sure it's actually having an impact.

I have been successfully marketing theatre companies for years. This industry is tough. I had to develop techniques and strategies that allowed me to get the biggest bang for the smallest buck. I had to do it with little behind the scenes fuss and create a unique brand for each project.


As a creative, I use the very thing that is the basis of good marketing - storytelling. This makes any online marketing strategy powerful.

I work with you to get beyond the 'tactics' of social media, helping you to build an effective long term marketing strategy that lets you build great relationships with audiences. Your marketing should build loyal ticket buyers and happy members who feel excited to be a part of your organisation.

Your visuals matter

Your promotional images are the foundation of your marketing.

Get them right and you create enormous credibility with potential audiences. Get them wrong and you will struggle to be taken seriously.

Are you that person

If you're only using your online presence as an advertising platform, you're missing out on its potential. You're going to have to flip your understanding of social media on its head to succeed.

Go wide baby

Your goal is to be 'top of mind' in your market; a familiar name that registers confidence in the minds of potential audiences or clients. This doesn't happen without a wide strategy, on and offline.

This is not a quick fix

Marketing on a budget is time consuming and requires long term thinking to make an impact and remain stable. Social media is not a silver bullet. You can't expect a campaign to be effective within a few weeks. Marketing is constant and long term.

media pack template

Click here to download a PDF version of my media pack template. I've used this format very successfully for nearly a decade.

Email me directly at sher@anidiotonstage.com.au if you would like me to create your Media Pack for you.

what people say

“Sherryl-Lee had nothing but genius to offer me. She helped me to understand my brand and the story of my brand better and how to define and communicate that story. She combines her deep understanding of the arts and years of experience in theatre with nuts and bolts know-how for marketing, both online and offline. Her coaching for your entrepreneurial endeavour is a must.”


Theatre Marketing Services

Community theatre is marketed by passionate but under resourced volunteers​, often working without the necessary skills. I offer any amount of advice to you, at no cost.

If you need more help than advice, my services are priced for community theatre budgets. Just ask.

Email sher@anidiotonstage.com.au for details.